Seriously? Prioritise?

So now I know why S*itting Seagull spared me last Saturday at The Cub’s lifeguard competition where all other parents got decorated by sweeping seabird poo: said seagull is clairvoyant and it knew what was about to hit the fan.


Yesterday I learnt:

a. That my car would need repairs in order to go through its yearly technical test. Of course I knew that stuff would have to be done but I didn’t expect a bill of at least 450 pounds. As a consequence I won’t be going to the Long Course weekend as planned. There is a lot going on in July with Ironman UK in Bolton (Mr Tiger’s first A race of the season) the focal point. Quite simply with this kind of bill we can’t afford both a camping trip to Bolton and to Tenby where the Long Course weekend is happening. So priorities, priorities, priorities. Yes it’s tempting to sleep in the van near a beach but with a 10 year old? Nope.

b. I also realised that the best child minding plan ever, which I was relying on for Ironman Wales is very unlikely to materialise. Both Mr Tiger and I are signed up for this race and yes, it’s his second A race of the season. Now I must decide whether to pull out of the race or transfer to another Ironman (which, because the race I could transfer to has to be in the 2017 European season, could only be Weymouth half). To spice up the fun I must decide before the 5th of July as Ironman sets a 2 month deadline for transfer or withdrawal. Another option of course is to hope for the best and assume that we can find a solution over the next few weeks. Thing is… I’m not that keen on training so many hours without being certain that I can actually race. Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?

A good friend of mine used to say that it takes a whole village to raise a child and he was as spot on as a seagull on a human filled beach! Being so far away from home makes logistics all the more complicated… and swapping the tri kit for surf boards and stand up paddles all the more tempting… Watch this space, decision time for in 5 days!



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