Challenge Roth 2016, impressions

It’s hard to put the intensity of the past few days into words so here’s a brief photo summary of our journey to Roth. Almost a week on I am still awed by this whole adventure. Thousands thanks to Team Zoot Tri Europe for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime!

Wednesday – Thursday

A long road trip, a night ferry crossing, breakfast in Brussels, hours of Staus auf der Autorbahn, free toilets, paying toilets… and a very warm welcome in Roth.



A Zoot-Booth tropical Zooter meet-up, stocked up on supporters’  kit, bike prep-up, campsite javelin practise for draft-prevention, pasta party and again feeling very welcome and cheered up!


Saturday morning

Mini Zooter’s day at the Junior Challenge, some siestattitude, then time to show she’s alive and kicking at the Schüler B triathlon over a 200 swim, 5 km cycle and 1km run!


Saturday afternoon

Bike and run kit check-in, lots of bikes and a very light run bag!


Sunday = Funday!

It’s early, balloons fly up in the sky, a cannon shot and we’re off for a long day…


Monday morning

Even more convinced that a long-sleeved suit would be nice! Building dens in the woods, meeting world champions and drinking a bit more Erdinger before wrapping up some unfinished business…


…Monday morning’s unfinished business…

I kicked in the teeth two preconceived ideas this Sunday: did a long distance tri, faced a marathon and now it’s time for number 3. So this happened when we stumbled upon the perfect pair of witnesses, the bridesmaid was even there for a Zooter Roth proposal 🙂 Fortunately, there were strong arms to help me back up.


Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

An even longer return road trip, off the Autobahn this time but with a Japanese-speaking car stuck in single speed for way too long, an early ferry crossing, the end of a ferry tail that wouldn’t open to let us out and a big celebration back home.


A more conventional race report and informative write up will follow for those keen on more details!


5 comments on “Challenge Roth 2016, impressions

  1. Tamsyn Smith
    July 25, 2016

    Sounds amazing – can’t wait for the longer version!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tritrainingtoots
    February 8, 2017

    See you have read some of my blog! I am new (obviously!) to all this going long tria malarkey and am actually terrified. It’s great to see your success, without seeming to be corny or crass… it is inspirational! I am on such a rollercoaster of emotion…. one day I am so confident and the next I am wondering why on earth I thought I could do this? Crazy! Thanks for reading some of my rubbish xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • wolfytwex
      February 8, 2017

      Don’t sell yourself down! It’s just great to have such a big goal. Besides, being scared is a very normal state to be in when training for an Ironman but on the other hand, courage is overcoming our fears and makes us better! By the way, a friend did Maastrich last year, I hear it’s a great event (and of course there’s the waffles…). Happy training and I’ll look forward to reading more about your adventures, we all get motivated by other people’s adventures. XXX


      • tritrainingtoots
        April 27, 2017

        Thanks very much…. I sadly am experiencing some pretty big obstacles which I have just written about in a new post. It’s actually very depressing and doesn’t make for a great read. I am still hopeful that I will do this…. but blimey life isn’t making it easy!

        Liked by 1 person

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