One of our favourite words in the house is “optimisation”.

How do you juggle a Saturday where you have to rent a car at 12:00, get in your second to last big brick session before Challenge Roth (5 hours cycling followed by a 30 minutes run, half of which supposed to be fast) and get The Cub out for some outdoor time?


That Saturday, I woke up very early, did a few hours on the home trainer then put The Cub on her bike and ran with her to the rental place (45 minutes run). Then drove back and finished the cycling.

I haven’t cycled much with The Cub since she was 6 and started going too fast and talking too much…  But as I had no other option, I discovered that being 9 and a runner herself she now understands about being out of breath but also knows a bit too well that you can tease and push your mum…


My own bike pacemaker! Feeling (almost) like a pro!

We met an ultra running friend at the start of our outing and she told to The Cub to “make her suffer” (thanks, as if she needed encouragement!).

So off we went, and she definitely enjoyed putting me through my paces but in an intelligent way! We got some truly quality time and even managed a whole conversation on coastal ecosystems. I got my fast paced brick and although it was halfway through the 5 hours of cycling it was definitely better that way than not at all…


Mission accomplished: The Cub’s bike in the rental car, ready to go back home!

We had a great time, The Cub felt that she was taking part in and contributing to the Great Scheme of training and I had a blast with her. And of course I got to optimise my time in a meaningful and satisfying way, which is the default mode we choose!

Do you have any trick to merge family life and training so that everyone can get something out of it?


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