P.I.T.A Coaching (April’s fool 2016, based on truth but not just)

This year is exciting.

We are both part of the new and first Zoot triathlon team Europe, which leads us to beef up our race season plan. It is even more true now that Lucky Dulcinea has got the precious-  (Frodo will be there as well) – entry slot to the iconic European race of the sport of triathlon: Challenge Roth.

It is a full iron distance which means that in four months time, Wolfy will wake up early (if she ever sleeps), will stress in the prestart zone, swim 3800m, hop on her bike buffet for a 180km tour and all-you-can-eat party, just to be warmed up and carbo loaded to run a Marathon…and still look good for the photo on the finish line.


To get ready for the challenge of that day, she will have to tackle the each and every day challenge of the 16 weeks leading to that day. Obviously she will, we will learn a lot along the way, so we have decided to seize that opportunity to launch today P.I.T.A Coaching.

Why P.I.T.A?  No, it is not an acronym with the initials of our second names.

If you “Google” the name, two main definitions will pop up. Pita is a famous bread from Greece. Pain is very often referred to in elite training and as you may know, it is also the French word for bread. DSCN3145_Fotor

So there you have it, the ultimate concept with Pain, Greek philosophy, Mythochondry and Spartan / Marathon heritage. That would make a great name for a Coaching enterprise! But no, too straightforward, not subtle enough for us.

The second definition refers to ”Pain In The A.s”, and P.I.T.A coaching will be just that!


Just imagine Mental Coaching where the Coach is Mental. We will question the typical mainstream concepts of current coaching and distill them to extract the very worst of their collateral damages.

We will get rid of the metaphors and will actually turn all the stones twice, just to be sure and tick the boxes. The absolute power of the creative PITA coaching approach is best illustrated with the so easy called “comfort zone”.

If we, (and we will), work hard to destroy the comfort in the so called zone, such as no more family or social life or facebook friendship or TV soap, then the zone will lose its appeal and getting out of it will become a non limiting factor ever after.


P.I.T.A Coaching wishes you all the best, for today only.


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