Best new kit of 2015, Wolfy

Zoot force 3.0, a wetsuit that fits!

2015 was my third year doing triathlons with plenty of gear changes, including changing racing bikes and saddles for the third time. I went from a recycled and home-built road frame, to a modern, new, home-built and fast aluminium tri frame. After having my fillings rattled on two 70.3 distances, I finally did the sensible thing and bought the same bike as Mr Tiger. So in 2015 I rocked a home-tweaked carbon tri-bike and successfully tried a third saddle. These all made a world of difference to my 2015 season but the greatest change this year was my new wetsuit.

Wetsuit nb 1 was great, with top of the range specs and it fit me, or so I thought. It was also in very good condition so why change it? In the end, strangulation got the better of me and after two seasons of choking and chaffed arms that almost left me looking like a smurf I decided to find another swimming partner.


I’d like to say that I spent hours researching the pros and cons of different models, really, I would, but in fact I spent hours on forums trying to work out which suit would fit my reverse triangle frame and broad shoulders, then endlessly looking for the best deal. I did narrow my search down to two models though:

a) the Zoot Force 3.0

b) the Blueseventy Reaction

The reasons for this were very rational:

a) value for money,

b) Mr Tiger had used a Zoot wetsuit to great success and

c) being born in the 70’s, I felt a bond to Blueseventy.

What won in the end was really very rational: excellent reviews for the Force 3.0, Zoot wetsuits reportedly being better for my shape, having had good experiences with the brand and the superior spec of the Force 3.0.

I ordered it, it arrived, I unpacked it in awestruck silence. It had pink swirls on the forearms, it was bright pink on the inside but it felt right on dry land (I’m not big on pink so it’s lucky that most of it is hidden from view). Love at second suit.

One season on, I can truthfully say that my life hasn’t been the same since the Force 3.0 has entered my swim.



a) I no longer choke during the swim

b) we raced out of the UK, one race was wetsuit-free

c) no more rashes on the arms where the old wetsuit chaffed for no apparent reason

d) super speedy banana transitions: the Force 3.0 just peels off

e) I’m faster, despite having done almost no swimming last year!

f) love the design. The pink swirls on the forearms brighten up our green and murky waters and when left inside out on bike racks it really helps find my space for T2

g) versatile! You can even cycle in it when you don’t want to get cold on the way to the Alpe d’Huez swim start… (mmm, not sure I’m going to set a fashion trend there)


Conclusion, in case it’s not clear yet: try as many wetsuits as possible before buying, rent one, borrow one but make sure it fits!

Now all I wish for 2016 is for the Force to still be with me! But what about you? Any wetsuit horror story? And how did you solve it?


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