We’re on Team Zoot Tri Europe

So, about three weeks ago both me and Mr Tiger received a very cool message that started with:

a) this picture

team zootand

b) the following two lines

Hi Zooter!

We are very happy to announce that you will be part of our Zoot Tri Team Europe!

We’ve been fans of Zoot for a long time, well, him longer than me. Actually, since each of us started racing in triathlons. Who are they and why do we like them? In 2016, Zoot sports will have been making triathlon gear for 33 years, they’ve got theirs roots in Hawaii, Kona more exactly. Where Christal Nylin a forward thinking lady manufactured the first stretchy, body hugging triathlon suits to make life easier for racers. In the brand’s teenage years, they moved to California and grew from there.

What is Zoot for us? Besides performance, there are three concepts that hit the sweet sport for us: lushly running without socks, sunshiny colours and cool vibes.

When we learnt were were on the team, Mr T’s first reaction was to look for bad puns in both English and French, which is one of his many endearing habits. He finally highjacked Glen Miller’s very modern “…Kalamazoo”. Disturbingly, the result was:

I got a gal in colourfulzoot

Don’t wan’ to boast but I know she’s the toast of Eurotriteam-zoot-zoot-zoot-zoot-zoot

The most embarrassing of it all was when he singtroduced our team membership to friends at pre-christmas parties.

In the meantime, I was frantically searching for other songs. Two titles made it to the shortlist: Mr Zoot Suit (come on admit it, it’s almost too good to be true and very swingy) by the Flying Neutrinos and another jazzy piece called Zoot Suit Riot by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (classy name guys). They’ve both made it to my dancing running playlist but I haven’t yet come up with suitable alternative lyrics for him. Any help out there?

I can now say with relief that we’ve moved on to other zooty activities. In particular we’ve got extra motivation to turn next year into something even better than what we’d planned. This is a humbling, interesting exercise and a great way to make us reach higher ground. Our dialog over the race and activity selection process will certainly be the subject of another post.

On a final note, it also means that we are now part of the tribe. We’re enjoying getting to know more about the other euro-team members in their variety. They’ve all got interesting stories to tell and we’re looking forward to getting inspired by this team and meeting as many of them as possible.



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